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Enjoy a tour of this opulent palace rich in history that is also considered to be the most important among all the Savoy residences. Book your Royal Palace of Turin tickets and get a closer look at how the Royals of Italy once lived. Stroll down the grand corridors, magnificent staircases, and plush rooms of the palace and marvel at its golden halls, the throne room, the royal office, ballroom and apartments.

The Royal Palace of Turin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an epitome of luxury. Witness the quintessential Italian Baroque architecture and an awe-inspiring armory that houses some of the most admirable collections of weaponry on the planet. You can also see the Royal Library which is renowned for featuring Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous self-portrait. Once you have explored the interiors of the palace, head out to the magnificent Royal Gardens where you will come across the legendary Shroud of Turin.

Highlights of Royal Palace of Turin

Royal Palace of Turin
  • Get a glimpse of how the Italian Royals used to live as you walk through decorated rooms with your Royal Palace of Turin tickets.

  • Do not miss an opportunity to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site that had served as the primary residence of Savoy’s royal family.

  • Admire the massive collection of over 200,000 books, drawings and more in the Royal Library.

  • Enter the Royal Armory where you can see an admirable collection of weaponry, also considered among the most enviable in the world.

  • Take a tour of the Chapel of the Holy Shroud where you can see the famous Shroud of Turin.

Discover the Royal Museums

Royal Palace of Turin
Royal Palace

Visit this extraordinary royal mansion with your Royal Palace of Turin tickets and enjoy a close encounter with its opulence. Take a walk through the palace as you go in and out of its vast rooms, admire its magnificent paintings, rich tapestries, and the breathtaking mountain crystal lamps. Marvel at the exquisite furniture and tools ranging from the beautifully chiseled and inlaid to veneered and carved out in glistering gold. There is ample use of precious stones, mother of pearl and ivory, and the floors are laid out with various kinds of wood.

Royal Armory in Royal palace of Turin
Royal Armory

The Royal Armory at the Palace of Turin is believed to be one of the most impressive in the world with its collection of awe-inspiring weaponry housed here. Visit the armory with your Royal Palace of Turin tickets and witness its vast possessions. These comprise more than 5,000 objects that date back to the prehistoric times and go all the way up to the early twentieth century. Don’t miss out the famous sixteenth century weapons and armor placed carefully in the nuclei or the Royal Medal Cabinet which is attached to the armory. Here you can see an admirable collection of coins and a selection of classic antiques and precious objects by Carlo Alberto.

Sabauda Gallery
Sabauda Gallery

Established in 1832, the Galleria Sabauda was the brainchild of the then ruler, Carlo Alberto who brought in collections from the Royal Palace of Turin, the Savoy gallery and the Durazzo palace in Genoa. Through the nineteenth century, the gallery was further enriched with donations and purchases made to fill the gaps present in the Savoyard collections. You will witness impressive collections of paintings, precious objects, sculptures, furniture and archaeological finds from different eras and cultures. Admire marvelous paintings by Italian masters from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century including renowned artists like Beato Angelico, Pollaiolo, Filippino Lippi, Mantegna and Paolo Veronese.

Museum of Antiquities
Museum of Antiquities

Discover the distinct sections at the Museum of Antiquities by using your Royal Palace of Turin tickets and soak in its muted glory. The sections include the Archaeological Gallery which houses the historical collection of the museum, The Sale D'Andrade is dedicated to Archeology in Turin while the Treasury of Marengo, the Roman Theater, and the Territory Pavilion showcase the archeology of Piedmont. At the Historical Collections, you can also see the original nucleus of the Museum which was formed during the time of Duke Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia.

Royal Library
Royal Library

Enjoy a grand tour of the Royal Library, which boasts a distinguished collection of the choicest and most beautiful modern editions of works. They are from a range of subjects including travel, history, arts, public economics and the various sciences. The library houses over 30,000 printed volumes that also include some in parchment. The total collection of the library numbers to almost 200,000 volumes. These comprise ancient maps, engravings and drawings, such as the famous "Self-portrait" by Leonardo da Vinci. The library was originally set up for the service of the court where scholars and officers lived until the end of the Second World War when it was converted into a public library.

Royal Gardens
Royal Gardens

One of the most popular gardens at the Palace of Turin is the Royal Gardens known for its magnificent layout, elegant shape, and design. Get your Royal Palace of Turin tickets to enjoy access to this exotic garden, also considered to be one of the most pleasant walks of Turin. Spread across an area of about seven hectares, the garden still has its first plant dating back to the time of Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. The garden is divided into various distinct sections including the Ducal Garden, which is the oldest part here, the Il Boschetto which has the famous Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Garden of Arts, the Walls, and the Lower Gardens.

Chapel of the Holy Shroud
Chapel of the Holy Shroud

This Chapel is famous for housing the Holy Shroud that is believed to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ. Its spectacular Baroque architecture is a sight to behold with arches, pillars, and a rotunda made entirely of black marble. Take a good look at the dome with its overlapping and alternating hexagonal zones letting sunlight stream through it and creating a surreal atmosphere within. According to history, the Chapel had been engulfed by a big fire which was then followed by a long and demanding architectural and structural restoration that brought it to its current splendor.

History of the Royal Palace of Turin

Royal Palace of Turin

The history of the Royal Palace of Turin dates back to the mid-seventeenth century when it was commissioned by Regent Christina Maria for her son who returned from the civil war. The palace was initially known as the Bishop’s palace and was famous for its unique open and sunny position from where the Duke could monitor the two entrances of the city. It soon turned into the seat of power and was further expanded by Emmanuel Philibert to house the realm’s growing collection of art, marbles, and furniture.

When Victor Amadeus II ascended the throne, the palace had another of its famous additions called the Daniel gallery named after the famous painter who painted the lavish murals seen there. Towards the end of the seventeenth century, the famous Chapel of the Holy Shroud was added to the structure. It served as the seat of the Savoy dynasty for over 2 centuries and after WWII it went to the state and was converted into a large museum. It was later listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Royal Palace of Turin
  • Location: Piazzetta Reale, 1, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

  • Timings: Tuesday to Sunday: 9 AM – 7 PMThe palace is closed on Mondays. The ticket office closing time is at 6 PM everyday.


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